Yamá Cosméticos :: Conheça um pouco sobre nossos 50 anos


To offer professional quality beauty products to the final consumer.


To be recognized as one of the leading cosmetic companies in Brazil.


- Respect
- Teamwork
- Integrity
- Quality
- Humilty
- Simplicity
- Autonomy with responsibility


Even with so many changes in consumption over the years, we always follow our values and commitment to our consumers. We believe in delivering quality allied to the fair price, to ensure this way, the total satisfaction of those who trust our brand.

Our Products

Always innovating and seeking to meet each specific need, Yamá invests heavily in the development of high technology products to take care of your beauty and ensure your well being.

Your opinion is the core of everything we do.

We believe that our consumers’ opinion is the most important to make our brand grow.

That’s why we keep a daily track of our products on our social networks, points of sale and through our service center. We always want to improve!

Also, we follow up closely all market trends, and we constantly seek our public opinion constantly about each of them. Including from those that come from our own fans!

So, we want you to know that we will always be open-minded to hear what you have to say, to suggest and to criticize. Our focus is only one: to deliver products that help positively change lives of as many people as possible.