Fantasy Fashion Color - Yamá Cosméticos

Fantasy Fashion Color

An ammonia-free coloring / toning line that acts by pigment deposition, containing ARGININE to treat hair. Texture is creamy and durability ranges according to the color numbering system of the hair color depth, and as its formulation is ammonia-free, it is compatible with hair straightening and Brazilian blowout procedures. Ideal for people of all ages since hair is previously lightened and bleached. Pack contains 120 grams and is ready-for-use, and does not require the addition of oxidizers (Hydrogen Peroxide).


Silver, Green, Red, Pink, Purple e Blue.


CAUTION! May cause allergic reaction. Before using, take the allergy test 24 hours before coloring (patch test) and the strand test to check if hair structure can receive the coloring processing. If your hair is weakened, dry and porous, choose a strengthening treatment to bring hair structure to normal conditions, and we recommend the Kit SOS Blindagem Capilar Yamá [SOS Yamá Hair Shielding Kit]. Wear appropriate gloves. Do not use the product on eyelashes or eyebrows (may cause eye irritation or blindness). If in contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. Keep out of the reach of children.


Bleach hair with Yamá’s bleaching powder of your preference until you get a blonde shade between 10 and 11. Wash your hair with Yamaha Argan Shampoo and dry. Apply generously the product on dry hair. Wait 20 to 30 minutes according to hair porosity and the intensity of the desired color. Rinse well with plenty of water; make sure the product is completely removed. If possible, dry hair so that the dye is not transferred to the clothes. As it is a product with high concentration of dyes, we recommend using a dark colored towel to avoid stains.