Hair Dye YamáMEN | Natural color, even stronger and healthier hair

Hair Dye YamaMEN

Yamá is reference in hair dye in Brazil, launches an exclusive line for men YamáMEN. The new hair dyr is a quick and practical way to color mens hair in just 5 minutes, giving a full coverage of whites, softness and shine with natural result.

Its composition has natural actives like cysteine ​​and compounds derived from wheat and silicone that have high conditioning power, moisturizing and repairing the wires, making them stronger, resistant and shiny. Thus, the formula coats the threads and improves their texture forming a protective film with different conditioning.

In addition, Bio-Restore technology enhances shine and softness, further protecting the yarn and making the coloring much longer.

Everything men look for: natural color, with even stronger and more resistant strands.

Color palette

1.0 – Black
3.0 – Dark Brown
6.77 – Dark Blond


– Coloring Cream YamáMEN 50g
– Yamá Fashion Color Creamy Hydrogen Peroxide 50ml – 20 vol
– Pair of Plastic Gloves