Yamá Nutreliss | Perfect for the smooth effect of the progressive brush

Yamá Nutreliss

Yamá has just launched a complete and exclusive line for maintaining the smooth effect of the progressive brush hair treatment. There are 5 products that promote cleaning, conditioning, intense treatment, hydration and thermal protection, with volume reduction and frizz.

All this, due to its rich formulation in multi-minerals and vegetable proteins that provide restorative and protective effect, giving back the shine and softness.

The apple cider vinegar actives of its composition have antioxidant action, helping in the cuticular alignment and promoting the integrity of the wires. In addition, OXISENSE® S 0440’s unique active technology assists in reducing the daily damage to hair, increasing the softness and softness of the hair.

And the whole line has a delicious fragrance of bergamot, apple and lily of the valley!

The new line consists of the following products:

  • Intense Smooth Shampoo (280ml): Promotes cleansing, volume reduction and frizz with wire alignment. The perfect shampoo of straight and smooth, without frizz and hydrated.
  • Intense Smooth Conditioner (280ml): Condition, reduce volume, frizz and further align strands.
  • Intense Smooth Treatment Conditioner 3 Minutes (180ml): Enhances hair conditioning with quick and effective action. That super-fast treat that straighten hair needs to maintain shine and softness.
  • Intense Smooth Moisturizing Mask (450ml): Promotes intense hydration that reduces volume, frizz and keeps the hair even healthier, softer and brighter. The powerful mask to hydrate your hair, leave it even and straight.
  • Intense Smooth Thermal Protector (120ml): Thermal protection against excessive heat from the dryer and board. In addition, it also assists in wire alignment, volume reduction and frizz.