Yamasterol Cachos Coco | Limpa, hidrata e nutre seus fios

Yamasterol Cachos Coco (Coconut Curls)

The Yamasterol Cachos Coco (Coconut Curls) Line was such a success that Yamá releases 5 new products derived from coconut. It makes your hair even smoother and more flexible.

Yamasterol Cachos Coco (Coconut Curls) Line is a hydro-nutrition-restorative treatment, as the action of oil and coconut milk replenishes lipids and seals hair cuticles, reducing porosity and roughness.

The products will make your hair moisturized, healthy, repaired, strong and shiny.

The products contain 100% natural coconut oil and are free of dyes, sulphates, mineral oil, parabens, silicones, petrolates and paraffin. This is our complete line:

Smooth Shampoo (320ml): ideal for a less aggressive cleaning;

Moisturizing Conditioner (320ml): moisturizing and emollient, providing a more natural hydration;

Coconut Custard Hair Mask (500g): promotes nutrition and intense hydration;

Coconut Milk Curls Activator (200ml): to those who want even more defined curls.

Coconut Combing Cream for Curls (900ml): Infused with coconut oil and coconut milk, it makes your hair lubricated and moisturized with a natural hydration.

Products will be hitting the stores in the next months. You can rely on the quality and fair price of our products.

To learn more about the Yamasterol Cachos Coco (Coconut Curls)  Line and to see their package, visit the official website of the product.